3 Ways AI is Changing Marketing in 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting better and more advanced every year. In 2019 it’s been making some really big waves when it comes to how we do business, and there’s no knowing where the buck is going to stop at the end.

That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the types of marketing trends that AI has the potential to influence in the coming year. Here are three ways that AI is changing marketing in 2019 and quite possibly beyond.

Making Online Shopping Even Better

Consumer interaction has been evolving thanks to new AI assistants like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri. With voice search becoming more commonplace, and with smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home being adopted by more consumers, visual and text-based searches are slowly being supplanted. This opens up opportunities for marketers to adapt to this new paradigm. In this case, e-commerce retailers can optimize the content on their sites to be more voice-search friendly.

Additionally, AI can help with providing personalized shopping experiences. Predictive modeling can examine a shopper’s past purchases or even what products they’ve viewed and create lists of products that might be the most relevant to their interests. The smarter AI gets, the better this predictive modeling becomes — and the more helpful it will be to shoppers looking for better online experiences.

Making Search Engine Optimization Easier

While search engine optimization techniques like content marketing still need a human touch, AI is poised to help with SEO efforts that don’t require non-linear and creative thinking. Tasks such as backlink creation, market trend analysis, keyword identification, tagging, and summarization can all benefit from the kind of big data analysis that is best left to artificial intelligence.

AI can take these more tedious aspects of SEO and remove the requirement that a marketer handle or oversee these processes themselves. This frees up SEO experts to focus on the more creative side while still having all the necessary tools and data available to them at a moment’s notice.

Making Lead Generation More Effective

In the marketing world, consumer data is crucial. The more data you have, the more effective your lead generation is. Pulling the right data means focusing your efforts on those prospects that are most likely to convert. The problem, of course, is sifting through that data quickly and efficiently to identify the hottest leads.

Obtaining, reviewing, and classifying huge data sets is labor-intensive. This information is often pulled from a dozen different sources, making compiling, reconciling, and then analyzing trends a massive challenge. Yet this is where, once again, AI can be used to streamline the process. Additionally, the efficiency of AI means that you can add more data sources without increasing analysis workload. As more data to analyze leads to better results, using AI can help pinpoint leads you might never have discovered using less sophisticated analysis methods.

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