5 Things to Check Before Sending Your Next Email

I think we can all agree that hitting the “Send” button to send your marketing email out to the masses can be a bit unnerving, to say the least. But hey, who says that your emails can’t be close to foolproof to have that little bit of added assurance. Here are 5 checkpoints that you should review before hitting send on that next email.

1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

Everyone makes silly mistakes at times. But using the wrong form of “their,” “there” or “they’re” probably will not leave a great impression on that lead you are trying to close the deal with. So, why not just take an extra few minutes to read over your email to ensure that you have rid your email of any errors? Just use spell-check or Grammarly!

2. Links

If you are trying to send people to a link via hypertext or a picture, it’s probably wise to make sure that they are actually linked. And with the right link. It’s too late once that email is out to realize that the link is actually broken or sending people to the wrong page.

3. Images

If you are using images in your email, make sure that they look good. A super pixelated or squished image is probably not the best way to start out an email. But on the other side, using too big of an image size can cause long loading times, leaving the recipient impatient and likely to click off the message. So optimize your images for emails. Pro Tip: the average width of an email is 600px, so try and format your image to 600px!

4. CAN-SPAM Requirements

Email marketing is such a great tool BUT there are a few things you must legally do when sending an email. One of them is that you have to give your recipients an option to opt out and unsubscribe. Sad, but you have to do it. Additionally, you have to include your physical mailing address on your email.

5. Subject Line and Preview Text

Your subject line and preview text are the first impression your subscribers are going to get of your email. So, it’s a good idea to put some thought into them and make people want to open the email. Surprisingly, we still receive emails that don’t include preview text- which is a missed opportunity to quickly spark interest in your content and improve open rates! But don’t just trust our word for it, try some A/B tests next time you send an email out.

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