2 Most Common Audience Mistakes That Hurt Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Do you know your audience? Really, truly know your audience?

As a business, your audience lies at the heart of everything you do. And even though business owners and marketing professionals recognize this fact, far too many of them make the same critical audience mistakes–mistakes that hurt their marketing campaigns every time.

Here’s a closer look at the two biggest mistakes and what you should be doing instead.

Doing Anything Without a Clearly Defined Audience

When running campaigns, you may well be tempted to target your marketing toward anyone and everyone. We’re here to tell you to resist temptation.

If you take the everyone-is-fair-game approach, chances are you’ll waste most of your digital marketing resources on customers who aren’t interested or won’t benefit from your product or service. In other words, you’re wasting your budget on customers who will never convert.

This is why target market analysis is so important–it allows you to identify who is worth spending your marketing budget on. Here’s a hint: if you’re not doing market analysis in advance and can only vaguely answer who your customers are, you aren’t targeting them correctly.

Not Addressing Your Audience Directly

What is your audience interested in? Hint: it’s not your products.

Your audience is interested in solving their own problems. Your products are merely a mechanism for doing so. And yet, far too many businesses fail to address what their customers are actually worried about.

Instead of focusing on your product’s features (i.e. marketing the product), focus on how your product can solve your customer’s problems or resolve a pain point. Address their problems directly.

Let’s Get Your Audience On Board

Your audience is at the core of your digital marketing efforts. Isn’t it time to address them?

We know marketing, and you know your audience. Together, we can hone in on what your campaign is missing, how you can address your audience properly, and generate real results.

Ready to give your audience what they want? Then get in touch today to start the conversation about a better approach to digital marketing.

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