Let’s say your business offers top-notch services, but you are having difficulty getting your brand recognition out there. You just need that extra push to collect digital leads and get those numbers moving. One of the first places to begin your efforts is to create a customized and optimized landing page.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone page on your site where you direct internet users to try and do something – whether that be downloading a white paper, signing up for a webinar, setting up a call or selling a product. The goal is to get their contact information so that you can reach out and begin to move them down the conversion funnel (think Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action). 

Here are some tips that we have found help increase landing page conversions:

1. Remove the Top Navigation Menu

Congrats! You got a user to navigate to your desired landing page. But now, they are overwhelmed with the header navigation they see at the top of the page; the “Contact,” “About Us,” “Blog,” etc. You do not want the user to click off your landing page to another part of your site just yet. Let them explore after they have taken the desired action on the landing page. You don’t want to confuse the user with what you want the CTA to be. If it is to fill out a form – make that very clear. 

Have the user experience on your landing page to be as simple as possible. Help guide them to complete the CTA, then, on the Thank You page, they have the option to return to your full site.

2. Create a Different Landing Page for Different Campaign Offerings

If your business offers a variety of different services, webinars, products, etc., then it is probably a good idea to create a landing page for each campaign message. For example, we offer a variety of digital services. So for us, we would create one landing page for our Salesforce Consulting and a separate landing page for SEO help, and so on.

Having a targeted message will optimize your landing page and help it to target the right audience, and ultimately, convert – which is the end goal. 

3. Have your Form “Above the Fold”

It’s 2021, we are all busy. So you only have so much time to get someone to convert before they leave your page – even the ones who are interested. This is why it is KEY that you place your form/CTA “above the fold.” 

Above the fold simply means that a user does not have to scroll down your web page at all before seeing the form. See picture for reference:


In this instance, it is pretty clear what the intended action is – fill out the form! We created a targeted campaign for Salesforce Consulting, where we are targeting businesses who need help with all things Salesforce.

There is even a study that shows the average difference in how users treat info above- vs. below-the-fold is 84 percent.

Additionally, when it comes to your form, don’t complicate it. Use only the form fields that are absolutely necessary. You don’t want to scare off any leads before you even have a chance to capture them. For example, for most businesses, it is not imperative to collect  “residential address” and it will instead likely scare off a potential lead. 

When it comes down to it, two of the most important data pieces to collect is someone’s work email and their phone number. Beyond that, only include fields that are necessary for your business model.

4. Establish Trust

Even if your business is the best at what they do, you are bound to have competitors in your industry who are pretty good at it too. That is why it is especially important to include some sort of social proof on your landing page. This could be in the form of a written testimonials, partner reviews or a customer video. 

Check out Drift’s use of trustmarks: 

Without even saying anything, Drift establishes immediate credibility by showing businesses who have installed the Drift chatbot for their business’ site. If you weren’t already sold, seeing these established brands who use Drift definitely helps in the decision making process.

Evidently, the way your landing page is designed has a direct effect on what type of leads you are generating and how many. For higher quality leads, it is essential to create optimized landing pages with all the right elements. 

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