Whether you are a brand new Salesforce user, an experienced admin, or someone in between, Salesforce can definitely benefit your business by keeping it organized. In the years we have worked with Salesforce, here are some handy tips we have come across that we think would help boost your biz:

1. Limit permissions.

Give users only the permission they need to do their job. Every user does not need to see all of the data. Use permission sets and profiles to specify the objects and fields users can access. By doing this, you can limit access to your most sensitive data.

2. Keep your data clean.

Train users to stick to a standardized process so your data is accurate and consistent. Try using validation rules or help text to provide users with information about the organization’s fields.

3. Make it easy to find and enter info.

Create customized page layouts to display the most useful information at the top of a page to make the data easy to navigate. Using in-app guidance can also make Salesforce more accessible and useful to users.

4. Set up automation.

Create automated processes that run in the background so you don’t have to do more manual work. Process Builder is a great point-and-click tool that lets you automate if/then business processes. For example, if you have an Opportunity that closes over $10,000, you can build a process to automatically send an email to your team.

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