How You Know When Your CRM is Outdated

CRM systems are the bread and butter of many companies. Their ability to organize and streamline interactions with customers and help keep your business functioning efficiently make them invaluable. But is your CRM firing on all cylinders? Here’s how you can tell when your CRM is outdated and in need of a major upgrade.

Your CRM Is Older Than Dirt

So your organization has its own CRM system — that’s great. But how long have you been using the same system without upgrade? The CRM marketplace evolves swiftly over time, and not keeping up with the latest developments means you could be missing out on major productivity improvements. Mobile connectivity is a great example of this, as the latest CRM systems make it easy for sales teams to access information no matter where they are.

Your System Is Redundant to a Fault

Sometimes redundant systems are important. When it comes to data storage and backup, for example, having redundancy can save you the major headache of lost information. But too much redundancy in the wrong places is just inefficient. If your CRM system ends up providing you duplicate information everywhere because you’ve written the same thing in 10 different places across your company, it’s time to find a more modern, integrated system that doesn’t rely so much on needless redundancy.

You Don’t Even Have One!

This is the big one. How in the world do you expect to run a successful business without a CRM system in place? The benefits of CRM are well-established, as they help you stay connected to your customers, aid in streamlining processes, and, above all, improve your profit margin. Think about it: C – R – M, Customer Relationship Management. If you don’t have a CRM you are probably writing a lot of information down on paper and you’re getting by, and that’s great. The thing is, you can improve your selling efforts and enhance your customer retention with Salesforce.

A solid CRM like can help you, as well as the other 150,000+ companies using SF, do better business.

Pro Tip: get a modern, cloud-based CRM, like Salesforce, for your business immediately and improve your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more.

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