You’re looking for a way to make all of your audacious business goals a reality. Over the past decade, Information Technology and marketing have meshed together and it’s extremely difficult to find someone who can manage certain aspects that cover all grounds, such as, CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and analytics.

Does this sound like you?

There are quite a few choices for managing your customer relationships, accounts, activities, and tracking all the right information. In fact, the options are overwhelming. You might be mostly satisfied with your current CRM, or maybe you hate it. We personally choose Salesforce, the gold standard of modern CRM if you will, and here’s why we believe Salesforce is the best option for CRM:

Managing Leads

Are you spending money on marketing? Can you track your initiatives to see if it’s paying off? Salesforce can track your leads, the lead source, the conversion from a lead to a potential deal, and the final close. Next, you run reports on your Closed Won Deals and show your Lead Source Data. With all of that info you can now track Marketing ROI. It’s all in one place.

Salesforce Makes it Easy to Switch

One of the biggest reasons people don’t change is because it takes time to learn something new, for something to become second nature. Even if they see they have a better option, many people are still hesitant to venture outside their comfort zones.

Making the switch to a new CRM can seem overwhelming particularly to people who are already busy with a full schedule, or those who are not technologically savvy. Trusting your CRM endeavor to a certified Salesforce professional can take the fear out of implementing a new system and give you the confidence you need to trust that you made the best decision by choosing Salesforce.

Salesforce Improves the Customer Experience

Any type of shift in your company, Salesforce or otherwise, should begin and end with the customer in mind. With that said, Salesforce is designed to help you create and manage great customer experiences. With Salesforce as your CRM, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can understand every customer’s uniquities and deliver the right message or answer when they need it. Armed with such detailed information, you can make better decisions to close more business, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied.

Salesforce Leverages Cloud-Based Technology

It’s in the cloud so your team can use it anywhere. CRM has shifted toward cloud computing and is a leader in this industry. As your business grows, your CRM scales to help you avoid costs of altering your IT infrastructure. It offers a complete CRM cloud application, a cloud platform, and a cloud infrastructure that’s more cost-effective for a higher return on investment.

Salesforce is Customizable

Its flexibility and customization options allow you to get it working like YOU want. With the right Solution Partner, Salesforce gives you complete freedom to customize the CRM for your business. It’s the best way to boost adoption and make sure your CRM is working the way you do.

Salesforce is More than a CRM

Because it’s a cloud-based platform, Salesforce is a complete IT infrastructure for your business. They host all the data so you don’t have the costs associated with on-site servers and IT. You can use Salesforce for just CRM or as a full suite of options for all that you do: a contact management system; a way to manage your sales pipeline; your marketing machine; and cool company dashboards. With Salesforce, it’s up to you.

Salesforce Caters to Multiple Organization Divisions

From sales to marketing to customer service, Salesforce can help all of your teams improve the way the work.

Reps get better visibility into customer information by viewing all of their accounts, contacts, opportunities, and tasks in a single place. Customer service teams gain convenience, organization, and a 360-degree view of the customer. Marketing can benefit from data collection and analytics to improve lead generation and top-of-the-funnel techniques.

Perhaps best of all, it means no more paper folders, Excel spreadsheets, or sticky notes — it’s all in Salesforce

Bottom Line: Is Salesforce Worth the Effort?

Salesforce’s comprehensive capabilities are enough to give any business pause. After all, the more a program can do, the longer it takes to onboard and fully utilize, right? Not always.

We can be your partner in setting up and successfully launching Salesforce. We use Salesforce ourselves and know how to help you ramp up quickly so you can start enjoying its benefits right away.

If you already own Salesforce and it is just “sitting on the shelf”, you’re not alone. Many people feel overwhelmed with technology and don’t know where to get help. We’ll help you get Salesforce up to date and manage your leads from click to close. Just let us know how we can help you make the most of your investment.

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