“Who are you and why should I give my business to you?”

You can bet that is what a consumer is thinking when they come across your brand. With so many firms competing for business, it is important that you set your company apart. 

So, you need to give your consumers a reason to buy from you. This is what is known as a value proposition.

A value proposition distinguishes yourself from the competition; it’s your differentiation factor. It should be a clear statement that acts as the primary reason why a consumer should buy from you. How will your product or service provide benefits for the consumer? This is your opportunity to be convincing and leverage your strengths to match your targeted consumer’s desire. Tell the consumer exactly what you want them to know and feel about your brand. 

If you have a strong value proposition, this can be used as a great conversion factor! Increased conversions lead to increased sales which ultimately lead to increased revenue. And who doesn’t love that?

Let’s put this all into practice now. If you had 10 words to describe why people should buy from your company instead of someone else, what would you say?

Ours is simple: We do what we say we are going to do.

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