Digital Marketing Basics

Back to Basics: What is Digital Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

We talk a lot about specialized marketing topics, but it’s worth asking a more essential question: what is digital marketing?

You know you need it, but at its heart, what is digital marketing? How does it differ from traditional marketing? And most importantly, why is that difference important for your marketing strategy?

The short answer: the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing changes everything. Here’s why.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses your website, digital devices, social media, and search engines, among other things, to reach consumers in the digital sphere. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is highly interactive and fast-moving, with high campaign visibility. This also means it’s much easier to recalibrate your campaigns for success.

Why Does It Matter?

This is a dramatic departure from the marketing of yesteryear. In the old days, marketing was a one-way communication in which consumers were spoon-fed advertising from whatever channel was in front of them.

Nowadays, that approach is unfathomable.

Digital marketing is incredibly personalized. The spray-and-pray method worked in traditional marketing because consumers had to interact with the same advertising if they wanted content. The Internet is a completely different universe. Now, customers seek out only the content they want and shut out everything else. This means that digital marketing must be highly targeted to reach the right audience at the right moment.

Building a Smarter Digital Marketing Strategy

We know that digital marketing presents a unique challenge for traditional marketers. It’s no longer enough to shout at your customers–you have to engage with them. Your marketing is now participatory.

Our job is to make that conversation easier, with digital marketing services that help your business thrive in an evolving business landscape. Ready to take a smarter approach to your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch to start the conversation.

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